Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group specializes in unraveling complexity to reveal clarity.

We bring to  our projects

Quality: Our research skills, breadth of expertise, and dedication ensure that our methods, results, conclusions, and recommendations meet or exceed the highest standards of quality.

Relevance: We tailor our methods to ensure that there is close alignment between our clients’ needs and the approach best suited to meeting those needs.

Timeliness: We provide our clients with quality services and products that are aligned with their reporting and decision-making requirements.

Usability & Practicality:  We provide clients with products they can use, taking into account the political and decision-making factors that may constrain their decision-making options.

Transparency: We employ project management tools to ensure that all significant project decisions are properly documented and subject to client approval.

Responsiveness:  We respond on short notice to our clients’ needs and adapt to changing circumstances.



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