Ruth Baumann | Partner


Ruth Baumann is a respected Ontario educator who has been a teacher, union leader and administrator prior to her research career.  She was the Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation from 2003-2007.  She has a deep knowledge of policy-making in education and of the K-12 education system in general.  Currently, Baumann chairs the Curriculum Council for the Ontario Ministry of Education, which provides strategic advice to the Minister on issues relating to the K-12 curriculum.  

Since becoming involved in research, Baumann was the field director for the evaluation of secondary school student success programs conducted for the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2007-8. She  has worked subsequently on other projects including an impact assessment of literacy resources, the hiring and assignment of teachers, the development of a teacher language competency framework and assessment, and an evaluation of the usefulness of math resources developed for teachers by the Ontario government.  In 2012, Baumann was honoured with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her work in her local community.



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